Biocid Nebuliser Peroxide

Professional nebulizer with 3D volumetric efficiency. To be used in healthcare closed areas (premises, rooms), schools, kindergartens, residential areas, means of transportation, greenhouses, industrial plants, storage areas for fruit and vegetables. The nebulizer Kox Nano 1 sprays particles of 3 to 5 microns, in quantity of at least 1 ml in 1.8 seconds/cubic meter, while the powerful model Kox Nano 2 equipped with 23300 rpm volumetric compressor can spray particles of 2 to 3.5 microns in quantities of 1 ml/cubic meter in 0.9 seconds. The fastest in the world! Guaranteed!The nebulizer can handle volumes between 1 to 1000 cubic metres.

Input voltage: USA - 110v-900w; Europe and Australia: 220-240v - 600w. It can be set both in metric system (mc) and in imperial system (cubic feet), with automatic calculation. Cutting edge engine provided with long life ceramic bearings, stainless steel multistage turbine and 17500 rpm speed. Intuitive software, able to set the spraying from 1 to 20 ml/mc. Protected by password against unauthorized usage. Registration of operation hours for consumables replacement in due time (bearings and brushes).

Monitoring of the quantity of spayed products. Protection against unauthorized opening of the equipment, by blocking or password. The stainless steel polystone structure does not contain any corrosive components. Robust structure provides operation reliability. Manually assembled and tested.

Manufactured and sold

by Kox Nanotechnica SRL

Bucharest - Romania, Europe

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